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We specialize in comprehensive support for Polish and foreign construction companies in the field of window guards, roller blinds, blinds and skylights. During our many years of activity we have been working with contractors such as Skanska, Polimex or Mostostal.We offer advice for architectural offices in the design of window guards in buildings.We undertake any new, major challenge, and the blend of our knowledge and experience, combined with total commitment to the implementation of the orders entrusted to us can be for you a guarantee of effectiveness.

Over 10 years of existence

For more than 10 years, we have been earning the trust of our customers and constantly expanding. We have participated repeatedly in the window guards exhibitions in Poland and Europe. We regularly improve the qualifications of our employees through various courses and training. Years of experience have allowed us to build a professional offer tailored to individual needs and economic opportunities of any company we have worked with.

Young, ambitious team

We are a team of experienced and well-organized people who conscientiously and faithfully approach each project. The strength of our company is a group of young, energetic professionals. Continued professional development of each of them is one of the objectives of our company.

Complex projects

Our company has extensive experience in implementing large, unusual and complex orders. A team of industry professionals with a broad theoretical knowledge, supported by a great experience allows us to take even the most demanding jobs.

Recent Projects:

Gdańsk – St. John’s Church

The implementation consists in the design and execution of an innovative system of large-scale covers with an area of a single blind up to 60m2. Specification of the place required installation of the blinds on double rolling tubes cooperating and maintaining constant tension of the fabric and able to unroll the system from below.

Poznan – Flight Control Tower

Supply and installation of covers for the entire Flight Control Tower Poznan - Ławica building, including specialized trapezoidal shaped blinds made of dedicated film and mounted on inclined window joinery in the operating room of the tower with the controlling system.

Gdańsk – ECS

Internal sunshield blinds for skylights and interior sunshield blinds for facades. Extruded slats with a width of 88 mm provide a 100% overshadowing in rooms
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